Ohana Airlines

I just want to talk a little bit about traveling within Hawaii.  Many people come here to visit one island, but I think if they are planning to take some time to stay for vacation, let’s say over 10 days, I think it’s definitely worth a trip to hop on a flight and visit another island.

Each island in Hawaii has a very distinctive feel to it once you land there.  If you are landing in Honolulu, Oahu, vs Kona, Hawaii (the Big Island) you will think you are in a different world all together.

There are a few airlines that operate in Hawaii.  If you are someone that travels to and from Hawaii to mainland USA, then Hawaiian Airlines might be the best bet, because it connects with other airlines, and you can accumulate mileages.  However, if you are doing a one time visit, or if you are commuting back and forth between the islands in Hawaii, then Ohana Airlines just me be the one for you.  It is by Empire Airlines manages it, but it’s still part of the Hawaiian Airlines.  They go to Molokai and Lanai, so it covers good portion of the trips that you might want to take.

Other airlines are Island Air and Mokulele Airlines.

These are the airlines that connect from the major hub airlines to the state’s smaller airports, so you can fly to your destination as close as possible.

There is no place like Hawaii.  You will hear so often once people visit here, they want to move here.  While rest of the world is screaming about the cold winter and snow, in Hawaii they are putting long sleeves on, because it “dropped down” to high sixties.  Granted that there are no heaters – or very rare to see one – in Hawaii, it just sounds like a nice place to be.

Best of luck on your travel to Hawaii!  Maybe we’ll see each other there one day~