4 Carpet Cleaning Methods and Their Advantages

There is a variety of carpet cleaning methods that you can choose from. The cost of cleaning, the nature and degree of soiling, the fiber it is made of and the place of use will decide the method of cleaning that will be employed. Each cleaning method has its benefits, and here you will explore the four most common cleaning methods used.  Oahu Carpet Cleaning YouTube has good examples for it.


It is a traditional cleaning method that has been used over time by professional cleaners. It involves the use of foaming chemical and a manual or automated scrubber. This method of cleaning will serve you best if you use a low pile carpet and it has been heavily soiled. This approach requires that the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed since there is no extraction involved. However, steam cleaning is preferred by professional carpet cleaners. This approach has a disadvantage of long drying hours,

Hot water extraction

This method is also known as steam cleaning. This method employs the use of water under very high temperature and pressure. Water in this state can effectively loosen the dirt allowing carpet cleaning machine to draw the dirt away instantly. When a carpet has been soiled, it may require to be preconditioned using the right detergent depending on the texture and material used. All the same, hot water extraction is effective in removing bacteria, allergens and dirt from your carpet. This is one of the most popular cleaning methods among manufacturers. This method requires long drying hours; this is the most cited disadvantage.

Carpet dry cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning employs no water. It is appropriate for cleaning where short drying time is required. It is friendly to most fabrics that are used to make carpets. The carpet is first preconditioned by putting a small amount of sprinkle and then it is run over by a vacuum cleaner. It is effective where both shampoo and hot water extraction is not a possible choice. It is also good for carpets that experience high traffic and require regular cleaning. You can, therefore, use this method of carpet cleaning to make sure your office or the floor of your business premise is clean.

Bonnet cleaning

This method can easily be mistaken for dry cleaning, it is, however, different since it uses cleaning products. Depending on the nature of the material of the carpet and the cleaning agent used, there may be a need to use carbonated water. A bonnet is run over the stained area to make it clean. This is only appropriate to remove soil on the carpet before the actual cleaning of the carpet. It is convenient and allows you time to plan for cleaning of your carpet in cases where you would otherwise be forced to clean.